The 10th Edition: Guide of Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018

The 2018 Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival was successfully held at the Central Harbourfront. Have you guys enjoy the remarkable wine night with friends? To celebrate the festival’s 10th edition, there are about 450 booths serving up a range of international wines and gourmet which is over 10% more than the past. “Rosé Revolution Garden Pavilion”, “Coffee Fiesta”, “International Street Eats” were making their debut for the first time. Missed out? We have rounded up some of the best offerings at the festival for you!


▲ Let me give you some tips: You'd better come at night because the vibe will be wonderful when all the lights switched on. And you should reserve your time for line up as well. Don't miss the performance time because of queuing like me.


10th Edition Hotspots: Coffee Fiesta + Mickey’s Kitchen


▲ The newly introduced zone “Coffee Fiesta” was right at the main entrance. The smell of fresh coffee brewing immediately permeated the air~


▲ Here are some of the most famous coffee and pastry shops in the city, including Hong Kong actor Moses Chan’s coffee brand “Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea". You can get to taste his hand-brewed coffee if you are lucky enough!

▲ Mickey’s Kitchen. Selling Disney's homemade food and cute gifts.

▲ Chef Mickey cooked us one of the cutest dim sum: Little Green Man pork and vegetable bun, mummy vegetable bun, Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake and pork bun. Even though it’s quite pricey, aren’t they absolutely adorable? 👍👍


Two Main Food Zone: FeedMe Lane & International Street Eats


▲ FeedMe Lane is back! It once again brings us some delicious delights from 18 stylish and trendy restaurants in Hong Kong, with an average of $50 - 60 per serving.


▲ Slowly walk inside…...There’ll be some gourmet booth between wine booths. You can immediately enjoy a delectable snack while you crave food after drinking!

▲ Grilled wahyu cubes, grilled Japanese scallop, Fried pork knuckle cubes with honey sauce…...Most of the snack here is frequently offer in another food festival as well. So if are purposely here to look for the best delicacies, we will suggest you save room for others distinctive dishes and tasty bites!

▲ Wowwww, we finally arrived at the brand new food zone “International Street Eats”! You can find the modish and latest gourmet here from seven regions all over the world~

▲ A sumptuous lineup of Korean gourmet’s booth~

▲ Delicacies from Germany~

▲ Hmmm….A black hotdog?! And a German sausage with sauerkraut~

▲ Here are some must-try Singapore Michelin starred street food restaurant: Lao Jie Fang, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wu Shi Nian Dai, A Noodle Story.


▲ There is not enough seating in the venue. So… only have to bring a blanket and have a delightful wine picnic here!


▲ Tasting Room, one of the key highlight of Wine and Dine. You can taste the heavenly dishes of the Michelin-starred chef here, of course with fine wines. Only make sure you have made the reservation as fast as you can!


Five thematic wine zones with nearly 320 wine booths


▲ Tasting international premium wine just got a whole lot easier here. Chateaus from regions like Croatia, Russia and Burgundy participated in the festival for the first time.

▲ Discount!

▲ Young Master Brewery: Cha Chaan Teng Gose (left) 1842 Island IPA (right), two token each.

▲ Umeshu (Plum wine) with shiso and plum, two token each.

▲ Most Whiskeys cost two tokens or above.

▲ Three tokens for four wines! It worth more than its cost!

▲ There will be some wine tasting talk at the venue. You can learn while drink!


10th Edition highlight + Nonstop music show


▲ Happy birthday! There is a gigantic 7m tall birthday cake at the center of the venue, to celebrate the momentous 10th edition of the event. Whenever the cake rotates and music started, everyone can participate in the “Super Time” and win the prizes.

▲ Cathay Pacific brings us the selection of wines for first class passenger and sponsor prizes for “Super Time”.

▲ Live music performances will be held every day on the main stage and the mini stage. The Beatles Experience, Rubber Band and Dear Jane will be performed on the weekends night!

▲ Ministage is there for the indie musicians~

▲ The orchestra will walk around the venue! It’s was really nice to enjoy music everywhere anytime!

▲ OMG, it’s Annabelle! As Halloween is coming, Wine and Dine already become a trendy venue for Halloween addict to dress up and having fun!


Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival 2018

Date: 25 - 28October, 2018

Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space and Tamar Park

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