Foodpedia: What Aiyu jelly, grass jelly, bean jelly and pearls really are?

With the high popularity of Taiwanese drinks among Hong Kong people, it sold well in recent days. Even there are more new types of drinks, just like the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, the spotlight has never been stolen from the “Pearls”. I believe that most of the Taiwanese drinks-lovers have tasted thousands of pearls but do you know what pearls really are? And some other toppings like Aiyu jelly, grass jelly, bean jelly, what are they made of? Are grass jelly and bean jelly the same thing? Continue reading to know more!

1. Aiyu jelly

The Aiyu jelly we usually see is very similar with jelly as to their look and texture. But Aiyu jelly is actually a type of plant which looks like mango! Halve the fruit of Aiyu, dry it, rub it in the water and it will exude some gel, which is the pectin. Leave it for a while and it will solidify and becomes the Aiyu jelly we usually see! Aiyu jelly doesn’t only taste good but it is also good for our health with its function of clearing the human body’s internal heat.

2. Grass jelly

Grass jelly is a traditional snack in Minnan and Taiwan district. Same as bean jelly, both are produced with platostoma palustre, which we also called “Chinese mesona” but with a different cooking method. In Taiwan, people make mesona with potato starch and sugar, mix them with the Chinese mesona and it will become soft and smooth after solidification, absolutely good to come with other toppings or sweet soup. But one thing to pay attention is that the mesona jelly contains a lot of sugar after processing, even the mesona itself is good for our health, still, we can’t eat too much of that.

3. Bean jelly


As we’ve just talked about the same ingredients of making mesona and bean jelly, they surely have the same function but different cooking style. In China, people add kansui, rice flour and cornstarch to make the chewy bean jelly. The original taste of bean jelly is just like the Chinese herbal tea, it matches perfectly with the sweet soup!

4. Pearls

In Taiwan, pearls are also called tapioca balls. Live up to its name, pearls are actually some balls made of tapioca starch, mixed with brown sugar and water, then kneaded into small balls. The chewy texture is from tapioca starch, some chewy food like taro balls, crystal rice balls and mochi bread, they are all made with tapioca starch too!

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