Eat Out and Get Free Food!

whoot! - The Brand New Dining Reward App


Simply with one app, free food comes to your mouth! whoot! is a whole new dining experience which includes details of different restaurants and comments from diners. Just by a few steps, you can easily find out different restaurants and discover the delicious dishes! Its unlimited reward differs it from other dining apps, not only helping you to discover gourmet around you but also getting you endless free food and drinks!

All loyalty program in one

With whoot! you can ditch your bulky wallet ── need not to bring the piles of restaurant membership cards and reward cards. Because whoot! has already included the many rewards from different restaurants. Once you have downloaded the app, all the rewards and freebies will be stuck out a mile. And no more worries about missing the rewards or discounts just because you have forgotten to bring your reward cards!

Free coupons, Free food

People always say “There is no such thing as a free lunch” but now whoot! is getting you the free food! No prepayment, once you have downloaded the app, you will receive a coupon as a reward immediately. The coupon can be used to redeem your favourite dish for free! More interestingly, this App is like a game, it has classified the coupons into 4 different categories, which are diamond, gold, silver and bronze respectively. With different coupons, you may redeem different rewards! The rewards include beverages, appetizers, or even main courses!

Countless Reward, Unlimited Food

After you have finished the redemption, you will be rewarded with stamps and turn those into coupons again! It means that for your next eat out, you can redeem free food or drinks again and also keep earning rewards!

Whoot Limited