Must-have Tool for Eating Out

whoot! Max out your rewards


Hong Kong people are so busy that we always eat out. And because of this, we have a lot more dining apps today, most of them can help us to find the information about different restaurants. But the app we are going to talk about today is not just about looking for restaurants info, it helps you to max out the rewards and enjoy various cuisines for free!

Save money and enjoy free food

Today, an app with only searching function is not enough, what Hong Kong people need is to save money. whoot! is definitely the best tool which provides you with diverse rewards for free, anytime and anywhere. Once you have downloaded whoot!, you will receive a free coupon. The coupon can be used to redeem various food or drinks in your favourite restaurant. No additional fee, just save money and be a VIP. 

How to max out the rewards?

whoot! will reward you with stamps after every redemption and you can turn them into coupons! For your next eat out, you can enjoy free food and try new things out! So, before eating out, check out the coupons and free items, it helps you to eat good food, save money and max out the rewards!

Practical function

Except for general functions like searching for restaurants, cuisines, navigation and comments, it has a more important function which is to save your overstuffed wallet. From now on, with this user-friendly function, you don’t have to bring so many reward cards as it has included different discounts from the restaurants, just like a digital wallet!

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