5 Cooking Tips You Need to Know

Everyone loves eating but not everyone knows how to cook. Kitchens are like battlefields, it’s like the World War every time when you cook. Today, we are going to share 5 cooking tips with you, soon you will realize that it is not that difficult as you imagine to cook!

1. How to know if your eggs are fresh?

First, prepare a bowl of room-temperature water, then put all your eggs into the bowl. If an egg sinks to the bottom and lay on its side, most likely it is fresh. As for an older egg, it will still sink to the bottom but it will be balanced on pointy end with the fat end sticking up. Be careful, if an egg float on the surface of the water, it may have turned bad!


2. How to remove egg shells?

Breaking eggs is a challenging task to many green hands. What should we do if we drop the shell pieces into the egg? Don’t try to use your chopsticks or other utensils to pick them out as it may damage the egg yolk. Your fingers are happy to help! Wet your fingers and you can easily pull the shell pieces out.


3. How to tell if the avocado is ripe?

Avocado has been deemed as great food for on diet people in recent years and becomes the best friend of ladies. But how can we pick a ripe avocado? First, you need to remove the base of the avocado, then you can see the different tones of green. The darker green the avocado is, the riper and softer it is. But if it is brown in color, the avocado maybe overripe!

4. How to cut an onion without tears?

Crying and sobbing for onions? The following steps can help you to fight back and give you a tear-free chopping experience. First, put the onion in the fridge for 10 minutes. Then, take it out, cut the top and bottom part of it. Next, soak it in water for 10 minutes, it can prevent the sulfur from reaching your eyes and make you cry. You can also wet the knife before you cut and remember to leave the bottom part until the end.

5. Potatoes turn black?

There are so many vegetables and fruits which will turn black after peeling. Did your potato turn black when you have peeled and sliced them? All you need is a bowl of room-temperature water, just put them into the water after peeling. Before you cook them, take them out of the water and absorb the water with kitchen papers.

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