Magic tool for Dining Out Couples

whoot! Save Money by enjoying meals with your loved ones


“Babe, what are we going to have for dinner?”, girlfriend asked.


Then, she is mad at me.
“What are we going to have for dinner?” Just one sentence, you can upset all the couples. It’s like a World War every time when people raise this question. For the sake of every couple and the world peace, today, we are going to introduce whoot!, a magic tool for dining out to you all. With this app, no more worries on what to eat, it saves money for your big meals!  

Guide to Good Food

Can’t think of what to eat? Wanna try new stuff? Avoid dodgy restaurants? With whoot! all your problems can be solved. Through the “Discover” function, we can see different cuisines of the restaurants and the comments of other users. It doesn’t only help you with discovering good food, but also has an amazing function of avoiding dodgy dishes. You can choose your favorite restaurant after looking at the comments. No matter this is your anniversary or special day, with whoot! No more worries!   

Save for Good Meal

Except for discovering different good restaurants, whoot! also buys you good food. Sometimes, there are too many special days to remember. But now, though you prepare it at the eleventh hour, you can still do it well. Once you have downloaded whoot! you will receive a coupon immediately, just show the coupon to the waiter or waitress and pick your favorite dish. There is a wide range of gourmet, from appetizers to main courses, desserts to drinks, they are all there waiting for you. Moreover, every time when you redeem food from a restaurant, you can earn stamps and turn them into coupons. No additional fee, just save money by enjoying your next big meal!

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