Highly Recommended for Saving Money

whoot! reward you with unlimited free gourmet!


In Hong Kong, everything costs you an arm and a leg. It is really poor that sometimes we have to eat less just to save money. Today, we are going to introduce a must-have app for dining to all of you. It doesn’t only help you to eat on a budget but also to have a rich meal, no more noisy tummy!


  1. Download whoot! and get a free coupon

  2. Choose your favorite dish

  3. Show the coupon QR code to the restaurant

  4. Redeem free food successfully!

  5. Earn stamps and redeem again!

Pay Less Get More

The major function of whoot! is to help you save money, to get more food with less money spent. It is very suitable for Hong Kong people who always eat out! No matter what place— eating out with colleagues, gathering with friends or with family, whoot! suits you perfectly! As it includes various types of rewards, from appetizers to main courses, you can always find the one you like!

Multiple functions

whoot! has comprehensive functions, from general functions like searching for restaurants and user reviews to its exclusive function— redeem food and drinks for free. All the functions in normal dining apps can be found in whoot!. So, no need to download so many apps ever after!

User-friendly function

Although whoot! has included a lot of functions, it is easy to use and suitable for everyone! All you need to do is to choose your favourite dish and show the QR code of the coupon to the restaurant! The whole redemption process is simple, fast and totally free!

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