Eating brings you happiness: 5 Foods for Stress Relief

We always think that only sweet food can make us happy but it may not be the truth! The high sugary food may cause fluctuation in our blood sugar level and brings counter-effect. Today, let’s have a look at 5 healthy and stress relief foods.


1. Bananas

Banana contains Tryptophan, it facilitates the conversion of Serotonin. Serotonin has the function of sedating and is also called the “Happy Hormone”. At the same time, Banana also contains Vitamin B complex, it helps to release us from the nervous tension!

2. Milk

Same as the bananas, milk also contains Tryptophan and helps us to relieve our stress after it has converted into Serotonin. The Calcium in milk isn’t only good for our bones but also our muscles, it can relieve our muscle tension.

3. Vegetable in dark green colour

Spanish and broccoli both belong to the group of vegetable in dark green colour. They contain Vitamin B complex and Folate which helps enhance your metabolism and calm our nerves. They are definitely healthy comfort food!

4. Tomatoes

When you are under great pressure, your body will consume 8 times the normal consumption of Vitamin C! As tomatoes contain rich Vitamin A and C, they help to balance and manage our stress! 

5. Salmons

Salmon contains rich Omega-3, which is one of the crucial elements for our brain cells. It doesn’t only benefits our brain development, but also helps to regulate our emotions and relieve stress!

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