3 Steps to Eat Out

Search for restaurant, Earn rewards & Get free food


It’s almost time to get off work. TGIF! Let’s decide what and where to eat tonight! hm.….. Chinese food? seems very greasy....... Western-style food? Will it be expensive....... How about Japanese cuisine?  Eating cold food may make me sick. Is it always hard for you to decide what to eat? Want to try a new restaurant but worry about traps? Just download whoot! No matter it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner or late night meal, with whoot! all the problems can be solved in three steps. You don't have to worry anymore and think it over and over. You will even get free food!

Step 1: Easy search easy eat with whoot!

Whether it’s Western food or Chinese food, whoot! can help you find what you want to eat. Download whoot! from the App Store or Google Play for free. Use the built-in search system to find the dishes you love or discover the restaurant near you. While you are searching for restaurants, you can refer to the ratings and user reviews of restaurants as well. No need to worry about traps anymore. 

Step 2: With whoot! Earn money while you eat out

This is 20% off for this card, this one can save points, and this can get a free dessert. In order to save money, it really cudgels my brain. With whoot! you don’t have to count and find your membership cards everywhere. Once you open the app, you can get the membership rewards at once! For your every dining with whoot! at any whoot! partner, you will be rewarded with stamps. Earn money while eating. Aren't you the smartest one?

Step 3: Get free food by using whoot!

Finally, here comes the last but the most important part: free food. Yeah, you read that right, it's free! Discount is not attractive enough in recent times. Being free is the key! Just download whoot! You will receive free coupons which offer you free delicious food! Is there only one coupon? Son, you're too young. whoot! will reward you with stamps immediately after you have finished the redemption. Then the stamps can be turned into coupons again. Earn while spending, spend while earning. Money saving? It's so easy!

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