Be a Foodie! whoot! Enjoy global cuisine with your family and friends


"What are we going to have?” Hong Kong, as a gourmet paradise, you can find almost all types of cuisine in the food court. But it is a treasurable moment to eat out with our family and friends, why don’t we take a better option? With whoot! you can check out different restaurants and cuisines, pick your favorite restaurant and enjoy the food for free with others!

Be a belly-god

With whoot!, you can easily discover different gourmet. It helps you check and discover the nearby restaurants and their dishes, just try them out with your family and friends! You can also check the ratings and comments by other users. With all these functions, you can surely find your favorite restaurant!

Enjoy everything for free

Once you have downloaded whoot!, you will receive a coupon immediately. With this coupon, you can redeem the dishes you like for free! There is a wide range of dishes waiting for you, from a beverage to the main course. Just share the joy of eating with everyone!     

After the redemption, you will get another coupon as a reward. In other words, you can redeem other free drinks or dishes next time! Enjoy the food and share the happiness, the global gourmet is waiting for you all, let’s try them out with our family and friends!

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