What’s the next fad after the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk?


Taiwanese Tea has been here in Hong Kong for the past years, there are more varieties of drinks which are popular among Hongkongers other than the Bubble Milk Tea in the beginning. In recent times, many Taiwanese Tea Shops are set up in Hong Kong and bring the Taiwanese beverage to the next level! For the latest popular drink, the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk, even the hot summer can never stop people from queuing for it for more than an hour. Pretty sure that most of the Taiwanese Tea lovers have tried those “tiger stripe” like Taiwanese beverages but do you know what’s the next fad?

The Limited Morinaga’s Cup is now there in Taiwan!

Whenever we talk about Morinaga (森永製菓), most of us will think of its famous milk candy, both the original and red bean flavours are very popular. This summer, 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan has worked with Morinaga together to promote the new drink - Morinaga Milk Candy Milk Tea! We usually drink bubble milk tea but how about milk candy milk tea? I wonder when will it come to Hong Kong!

Hot or cold matters?

Even for the same drink, there are different tastes for the cold and hot one! Summarizing the comments on Taiwan websites, most people point out that the hot milk tea has a stronger milk flavour than the cold one and it is less sweetened. So everybody, pick your milk tea base on your own taste! Not sure if the 7-ELEVEN in Hong Kong will promote the Morinaga Milk Candy Milk Tea but it is certain that there will be another fad. My friends in Hong Kong, look forward to it!

Picture originated from Taiwan's 7-ELEVEN Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/711open)

Picture originated from Taiwan's 7-ELEVEN Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/711open)

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