Family Meal of choice: Everyone has arrived, let's start the meal!


Part of our impressions and memories of home often come from "food". Mom's specialties, dad’s overcooked fish soup, extra dishes to celebrate sister’s promotion, family sitting around the table for dinner and talk about the joy and anger at work, share the funny post you see on Facebook, laugh at TVB’s drama... Happiness is all about dining with family. Sharing a meal is an excuse to catch up and talk.

But it's more than that: Apart from maintaining relationships, there are many practical benefits to sharing meals with family. According to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and The Dairy Council of California:

  1. Children in families who frequently shared meals tended to be healthy and smart. It is because family meals get more nutrient-rich foods that could build a strong body and a smart brain.
  2. Sharing meals with family helps prevent depression, as well as the other behavior problems like smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, use illegal drugs etc.
  3. Reduce the chance of overweight and obesity. People who shared meals with family tended to have a lower BMI.

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