Causeway Bay.Izakaya: Sea Urchin Lovers Delight! $98 Uni Donburi!

We all know that Hong Kong people are craziest and fastidious about food. In addition to being super delicious, the food should also perfect in aroma and color, especially have to look good in the picture. So it’s not surprising that ordinary donburi can't satisfy the choosy Hong Kong people anymore. But how about this overflowing uni and salmon roe donburi? Can it amaze you?

Fresh Seasonal Uni + Japanese Salmon Roe

Shiotama, an upstairs Izakaya recently announced an ongoing cheap and cheerful donburi promotion which presenting $98 Uni and Salmon Roe Bowl! This donburi is not only visually attractive but also low in price and high in quality! It’s made of Japanese salmon roe and seasonal uni whereas the portion was really generous!

How does $98 Donburi taste?

The donburi was beautifully presented and the color of uni and salmon roe looked so mouthwatering! It definitely hits the spot if you're a fan of seafood! They use Korea sea urchin which were delightfully creamy and fresh at the time. There was a delicate sweetness and left me a very enjoyable aftertaste in my mouth. It perfectly matched the light savouriness of the salmon roe that pops with every bite. It tasted simply delicious when paired with rice. Definitely worth for the $98 quality and quantity!


Address: 10/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay


*Shiotama reserves the final right of decision of this promotion

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