Causeway Bay · Western: Las Vegas in Hong Kong, Great Place for Big Portion Tasty Food

If you consider yourself a big foodie, you must have heard of Little Vegas. v. No matter four years ago since it opened or today. But what makes Hong Kongers keep going there? Let’s find out what’s special about the restaurant!

We can’t talk about Little Vegas without its interior decorating. While it is a Vegas-themed restaurant, there are a giant light box, neon light, graffiti wall, multicolored mosaic table which really as fancy and colorful as Vegas!

D.I.Y mosaic table and wine glass candy jar, perfect for food photography!

Portobello Mushroom

First up, how about a delightful appetizer? These cheese stuffed Portobello mushroom were perfectly baked. Well browned, thick and definitely tender and juicy.


Mentaiko Angel Hair

My all-time favorite dish at Little Vegas! It was deliciously rich and creamy! The amount of mentaiko was generous which angel hair was totally tossed in the sauce with a lot of cod roe. Every bite was so enjoyable with a burst of savory fragrance and mouthful of mentaiko.

Laksa Angel Hair With Seafood

I was impressed and amazed by this dish. The laksa soup was flavorful and textured while it was not too spicy. Even though the taste of coconut milk was weak, the sauce coated the chewy angel hair tremendously well and tasted rich!

Fortune Pizza

A dish all about luck. You will never know what random ingredients you could get just like playing the slot machine in Vegas. Interesting! So I got a pizza with common ingredients and sauce but the pizza crust was thin and super crispy. Yum!

House Favourite Baby Back Ribs

Ribs were fall off the cone delicious. Covered in homemade BBQ sauce, ribs were thick and juicy whilst the sweet and savory of the sauce was quite balanced. Perfect for ribs!

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Secret Garden Tropical Fruit Tea

This tropical fruit tea will absolutely surprise you when it’s served on the table. It was sooooo large and should be shared with two or three people! If you are craving a cold drink, this tropical is deliciously refreshing and won’t be too sweet.

Rainbow Seven : Mango / Under the Fuji / Apple

A creamy and fizzy cool down drink. It was a mixture of flavored soda and ice cream, sinful but tasted good. And without a doubt, the fancy color and the surging foam were so IGable! Wait! I must take a picture first!

Little Vegas

Address: 25/F, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay


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