Causeway Bay · Italian: Hong Kong Value Italian Restaurant, Brick Oven Pizza & Grilled Chicken

When it comes to Italian cuisine, it’s no surprise there is a lot of Hong Konger thought of either pricey fine dining in the hotel or fast food style pizza and pasta. Yet, as one of the main cuisine in Western European, Italian food is well known for its abundance and diversity, and most of the quality dishes are not expensive at all. If you are looking for good quality Italian cuisine with a reasonable price. Babbo Trattoria is definitely one of a good choice in Hong Kong.


Babbo Trattoria is an Italian restaurant from Taiwan to Hong Kong, which features authentic Italian pizza and pasta. It’s worth mentioning that a traditional Italian brick oven is in their partially open kitchen which can be heated up to 400 degrees. The pizza and meat dishes can be cooked through perfectly in a short time whilst high heat can also lock in juices, resulting in more tenderness inside and crispy outside in the finished.

We were there at lunchtime and there is a set lunch menu which offered several Italian specialties at HKD$70 up. The set menu also includes Caesar salad, soup of the day and drink. Isn’t is cheap and cheerful?

Pizza Granchio

Pizza is a must have in Babbo Trattoria! This Pizza Granchio was freshly made after you placed the order. Topped with crab meat, cherry tomato, garlic and cheese with tomato sauce, the pizza was fragrant and rich in Italian flavor. What I like the most was the pizza crust. It was crispy outside and slightly chewy inside!

Two Spring Chicken Dishes


Next up were two spring chicken dishes. One was grilled in a brick oven with high temperature and the other one was an Italian Chicken Stew. Grilled chicken was presented beautifully in deep golden color. It was well cooked with strong herb and black pepper flavor, whereas the chicken was definitely juicy and tender. Yum!

Italian Chicken Stew was also delicious but tasted relatively milder. The chicken was stewed slowly with vegetable in the tomato sauce. Wasn't very tender but was absolutely soft and you can bite off the meat easily. I loved their handmade bread so much. Very chewy and good pairing with the sauce.


We also ordered the signature dishes of Italian cuisine, Risotto. It topped with clam, mussel, squid and shrimp. seafood were given generously. You can see there were a lot of clams! Although the rice was a bit hard, risotto was creamy and nicely seasoned. Simply tasty!


Cocktail / Dessert

At the end of the meal, we’ve got a free cocktail by using the coupon of Whoot! App. The cocktail was freshly made. It was good while it wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t tasted like cough syrup.

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Babbo Trattoria

Address: 5/F, Plaza 2000, 2-4 Rusell Street, Causeway Bay


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