Peek-A-Poke: On Point PokeBowls in Causeway Bay

With summer just around the corner, it’s the season of swimming, sunbathing and wearing cute dresses. If you're looking to drop some pounds without missing out on the food, try this delicious, on point Poke Bowl in Causeway Bay which serves up healthy ingredients with fresh fish. You won’t believe just how TASTY, LOW IN CALORIES, AND GUILT FREE Poke Bowls can be.

Poke bowls are still a relatively new concept in Hong Kong. Originating from Hawaii, poke bowls consist of raw fish over rice, green or other grains, with a choice of refreshing toppings and sauces.

Peek-A-Poke on Haven Street. One of my favorite Hawaiian poke in Causeway Bay serves up fresh seafood with healthy ingredients.

Clean and bright space with cute nautical decor and relaxed music. Nothing fancy, but just feels comfy like I’m back home.


Tiny open kitchen equipped with toppings station and Hawaiian decor. It was a delight to watch how the staff builds the bowls.

Five House Combinations + Build Your Own Bowl

As with most Hawaiian poke places, Peek-A-Poke’s menu consists of their house combinations and build your own bowl options. The five house combination is different in raw seafood, toppings and dressing while a non-seafood alternative is also available.

Build Your Own Bowl: Just like eating cart noodles, simply choose your poke from tuna, salmon, octopus, or mushroom if you don’t do seafood. Then you can pick the base of sushi rice, brown rice, salad, or half-half, and choose three different toppings and dressing. If it’s not enough for you, you can also add extra toppings with additional charge. There are dozens of ways for you to customize your own bowl based entirely on your flavor!


This California bowl totally caters to Hongkonger’s flavor! Including salmon poke with sushi rice, salmon roe, cucumber, shredded egg and with the nutty buddy sauce, it tasted amazingly refreshing and flavorful. The raw salmon and salmon roe itself was fresh and matched well with the nut and sesame dressing. A few bites in, you can definitely experience the blend of different texture, tender salmon with creamy sauce, the crunch of cucumber and at the same time the salmon roe popping up everywhere in your mouth! Yummy!


Are you someone who feels sleepy after eating too much rice? If yes, Ahisan is absolutely your good choice for lunch. Tuna poke over half salad and half sushi rice, topped with edamame, scallion, mushroom and wasabi yogurt dressing. The bowl was lighter in flavor, with a slightly acidic taste of yogurt and little kick from the wasabi. The dressing actually went well with all the ingredients and didn’t have an overpowering taste.

Build Your Own Bowl

Building your own bowl with all your favorite flavors and colors is the most interesting part of eating poke bowls! I got the salmon poke bowl this time, greedily topped with tofu, crab meat, cucumber, mushrooms and salmon roe, in a dashi dressing. What impressed me the most was the peanut flavored tofu. It was soft, silky and went well with the nutty, yet creamy flavor. All the other ingredients were super fresh too. Overall I really liked this combination of my poke bowl!

Sweet Potato Fries

Need a snack? These sweet potato fries never fail to please your tummy. The golden brown exterior was really crispy and perfectly seasoned with seaweed while the interior was velvety smooth and had a slightly sweet taste. Yum!

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Crab Salad

As an appetizer, the amount of fresh crab meat was really generous!

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Pineapple Fizz

Made with fresh pineapple, ginger and soda water. The pungency from the ginger tasted much stronger than the sweetness from pineapple. A bit overwhelming, but the combination was still quite fresh.

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Address: G/F, 16 Haven Street, Causeway Bay


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