Membership Card vs Dining Reward App: Whoot! Advantages at a glance

Whoot! is a dining reward app designed for your overstuffed wallet. Its major function is to let users redeem various types of food and drinks for free, general functions like searching for restaurants and users review are also included. Let’s have a look on the differences between Whoot! and the normal membership cards from a few aspects!

1. Save space

We used to bring a lot of membership cards with us and make our wallets bulky, it is indeed very inconvenient! But now, Whoot! has included many of the restaurants’ discounts, you can use them anytime and anywhere, it doesn’t only save space but also become more convenient than ever!

2. Never miss any deals

You may miss the discounts just because of forgetting to bring the membership card! But now you only need to have your phone with Whoot! downloaded, then you can check out all the discounts for every restaurant anytime and will never miss the discounts again!


3. Totally Free

No membership fee, no additional fee, once you have downloaded Whoot!, you will get a free coupon. It can be used for redeeming free food and drinks, so just enjoy the different cuisines!

4. Unlimited rewards

You will not only find different varieties of reward but you will find them unlimited in Whoot! After your redemption this time, you can redeem other dishes next time and discover the endless gourmet!

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