One of the Best Beef Specialty Hot Pot In Hong Kong! Lesser Known Cuts of Beef you should try!

No matter what season of the year, hot pot is always one of the most popular eating out option for Hong Kongers. For a belly-warming delicious hot-pot feast, sliced beef is definitely the must-have in 99% hot pot! The beef hot pot specialty 616 (616七桌子) provide up to 25 cuts of beef to choose from. You can try out different parts of the cow from head to leg. This will surely delight all of the beef and hot pot lover!

Unique Old Hong Kong Decor With “The Art of Treason” Calligraphy

616 Hot Pot themed 70s-80s Old Hong Kong. Every branch has its own vintage scene which full of Hong Kong nostalgia vibe.


616(七桌子) located near Whampoa MTR station. The theme of this branch is the old district “Hung Hom”. There is a mosaic wall reproduces the scene of the plane flying over “Tong Lau”, the tenement buildings whereas the other side of wall is decor with “the art of treason” calligraphy.

25 Tricky Cuts of Beef From Tongue to Leg

There are up to 25 cuts of beef on you can choose from the smart menu and the paper place mat shows the various parts of the sliced beef and how long you should cook it. Some parts are in short supply which you have to go earlier if you want it.


Although it’s tricky parts of beef, the price is absolutely reasonable and affordable while each for a mere $48 and $68. Outside the beef, the menu offers typical ingredients like vegetable, seafood, dumpling, deep-fried soy roll etc. for you to poached.

Drunken Clam Pot (Soup Base)

This drunken clam pot combined alcohol with generously brimming clams. Once you finished the clam, the broth totally absorbed the salty, sweet, freshness of the seafood and became enriching, flavourful and had subtle spicy notes. And later on, the staff will add extra broth to deglaze the pot for you to enjoy the rest of the ingredients. Yum!

Chuck Tender & Hanging Tender Sliced

Chuck tender was the cut from the shoulder. It definitely a flavor for everyone. It was thick and simply delicious. But what I recommended was the hanging tender. It located in the front of the cow around the diaphragm. It was flavorful and beefy, just like there’s a cow running in my mouth!

Skirt steak & Hind Shank

Skirt steak is the beef cuts from the plate. It was relatively chewy than the previous beef cuts as there was quite a lot of connective tissue, but it’s still great for hot pot. Hind Shank was the cuts of the hind legs. It tends to be lean and tough but this one was quite soft as there was fat and those fats worked well with the salty soup.

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Foreshank is the beef cuts of the muscle from foreleg whilst the part which the staff strongly recommend us to try. The texture was both tenderer and crunchier than the hindshank and had a slightly beefy flavor.


This beef cuts comes from the hump of the cow near the neck. It was one of the tenderest parts and had a slightly stronger beef flavor. A quick dip was already enough to bring out its succulent taste.

Round Steak

This is the beef cuts from the round. While it was very lean and chewy, 616 combine the beef with the egg to make it more tender and moist. However, this dish wasn’t matched with the soup base so the staff advised us not to cook the rump until we almost finish.

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Beef Tongue & Handmade Ground Beef Paste

Beef Tongue is definitely one of my favorite parts of a cow! This beef tongue was quite thin and had a unique texture which was both softer and chewier than other cuts of beef. It was simply delicious! The ground beef paste was meaty and juicy inside, tasted like beef ball but fresher.

Plum Juicy, Rose & Roselle Tea, Chrysanthemum & Longan Tea

These juicy and herbal tea are all homemade by 616. It can help diners to get rid of the heatiness of eating hot pot.

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Condiments Tray

Hot pot isn’t compete without sauce! Here is the condiments tray of 616 with 11 kinds of condiment. In addition to garlic, chili, satay sauce, fresh coriander, spring onions, what’s special is there is lime, soy sauce with beef broth and beef gravy .

What’s worth mentioning is that the staff will give you an hourglass after you place your order and guarantee the food is delivered within twenty minutes. Otherwise, they will free all the item which delivered after 20 minutes.

616 七桌子

Address: Shop B2, G/F, Block J,K,L, Whampoa Estate, 27-47 Man Tai Street, Hung Hom


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